WiTTRA's Case Study

WiTTRA Networks AB are a Swedish company who have a unique product that solves a multitude of challenges within the IoT space. Their product enables the user to locate, position and monitor assets of varying sizes, speeds, locations, in any environment both indoor and outdoor, over vast distances. They allow any software, or technology to be integrated into their solution, and also provide WiTTRA Intelligent Positioning Engine (W.I.P.E) which is an application that you can map out
where your stuff is, and what it is doing.

WiTTRA's Challenge

Want to become more agile in their marketing processes and to take the next step forward to build their brand and presence. Help with their ongoing commercialization plan, and enhance their ongoing visibility in the market.

How we helped

– Developed and delivered brand guidelines
– More regular contact with their customer base
– Developed a monthly newsletter
– Drive social media engagement with regular content and articles
– Website refresh
Resulted in:
– Increase time on site
– Reduced bounce rate

– Optimise their ad spend
– This has resulted in increased engagement, and more relevant impressions to reach
their conversion goals.
– Content development
– Run and manage their event schedule
– Reporting and analytics
– Manage their existing marketing relationships

– Opened up various global distribution channels to ensure the WiTTRA product was made
easily available for new design requirements.
– Obtained feedback directly from the market on the WiTTRA product enabling further
– product development through the WiTTRA unified gateway.
– Undertook all aspects of sales channel management on a global basis and launched a
number of new product introductions to the Market Place.
– Coaching and training of distribution
– Reporting and analytics

There are many ways to do business ,but the best way is established relationships and experience in the field , Market Traction International has these valuable attributes. Understanding the business landscape is crucially important to move forward, Market Traction’s contacts and their appreciation of time and effort make all the difference in todays business environment. Their contribution to Raltron and its EMEA initiative has been hugely successful, Market Traction is part the team.
Håkan Dackefjord