Lawrence Madanda

Lawrence is an entrepreneurial business leader with global experience introducing innovative and disruptive technologies to market.  International experience in management positions based in the Americas (Montreal, Canada), Europe (London, England) and Asia (Seoul, South Korea).

Following a career in the introduction of LED technology to the lighting world, Lawrence transitioned to new and innovative companies introducing new technologies, products and solutions into established segments.

With a passion towards technology that can improve the environments we live, work, play and travel in, Lawrence is focussed on executing strategies that creatively and effectively communicate and excite markets about new solutions.  Highly creative, organized and disciplined, with a humble work ethic, Lawrence will tackle any task required to further the business objectives.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Lawrence is an active mentor with Concordia University’s MBA program and interacts with the Montreal start-up community as much as possible.   A proud decorated veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces (Navy Reserves), Lawrence remains active in fitness and team sports, and will never call a repairman unless it’s illegal to fix by himself!