Working with motivated organisations to help pivot beyond the innovation point to enable the actualization of ideas, in collaboration we move you from innovation, to development, to actualization and market awareness.

Funding Campaigns

  • Research and define funding platform
  • Campaign creation / goals / objectives
  • Social media awareness
  • Establish target audience
  • Content creation

Post it to Proto

  • Discovery workshops
  • Requirements gathering & analysis
  • Concept feedback
  • Target audience outreach & feedback
  • Concept refinement

Product Create

  • Design for manufacturing review
  • Design freeze
  • NPI process review
  • Proto build
  • Low volume production

Supply Chain Management

  • Establish manufacturing eco-system
  • Define material cost model
  • Procurement and planning
  • Cost improvement programs
  • Channel management

“Ideation without execution is delusion”

 Robin S. Sharma

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