Once agreement in principle is made with the channel, our team will help with contracts, data requirement and data presentation, product photography and placement, recommended stock profiles, delivery conditions, price lists and marketing collateral. Point of Sale data can come from various channels, we structure this into meaningful reports that show sales and inventory on a regular basis. Armed with this knowledge, data-driven decisions from production to marketing can be made. Our involvement does not need to stop here as we can undertake total management of your channel from creating price lists right through to full management of the product profiles.

Managing existing channel partnerships:

This involves maintaining regular communication with partners, providing training and support, and resolving any issues that may arise.

Developing and implementing channel strategies:

Identifying new market opportunities, creating sales and marketing plans, and setting performance goals for channel partners.

Analysing sales data and market trends:

Monitoring sales figures, analysing market trends and identifying areas for improvement.

Managing budgets and resources:

This may involve creating and managing budgets for channel activities and allocating resources to support the distribution strategy.

Managing conflicts and disputes:

Resolving conflicts between channel partners, and addressing any disputes that may arise.

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